Metro Council Postpones Titans Stadium Vote After Sports Authority Approves Deal

Rendering of new Titans stadium. Photo: Courtesy of the Tennessee Titans

The final steps in the approval of the Titans stadium deal has been paused at the moment after Metro Council postponed Wednesday (April 5) morning’s vote. The council spent Tuesday night in discussion and debate over the deal which would allow taxes mostly from tourism to help fund the $2.1 billion stadium.

On Tuesday morning (April 4), the Metro Sports Authority unanimously voted to approve the Titans stadium deal, sending it to Metro for the final vote and approval.

“We would like to say thank you to the Titans for your approach to working with us, your willingness to sit down and to help us find common ground. Everyday this board works very hard to represent the citizens of Nashville and to make sure we make informed decisions that work to the benefit of those we represent,” said Sports Authority Board Chair Cathy Bender in Tuesday’s board meeting.

During Metro Council’s debate last night, the council narrowly passed an amendment changing the “team rent” portion of the agreement where an additional three percent from each non-NFL event ticket would go to Metro’s general fund. This percentage would increase one percent each year, not to exceed 10 percent, according to The Tennessean.

Metro will have their second vote on April 18, with a special meeting to take place at the end of the month so the council can cast a final vote on the deal.

If passed and signed into law by Mayor John Cooper, the stadium funding will be supported by $760 million by Metro debt and repaid through an increase to the city’s hotel tax and sales tax redirects from the stadium and the surrounding campus.

Steven Boero