Tennessee Titans 2023-24 Season Game Predictions

Jeffery Simmons. Photo: Courtesy of the Tennessee Titans

There are still a lot of questions regarding the Titans roster ahead of this upcoming season. Will DeAndre Hopkins live up to his past? Can the defense perform at a high rate? And will the offensive line improve enough for the team to succeed?

But all the speculation and talk is coming to an end with Tennessee heading to New Orleans to face the Saints this Sunday for their season opener. The Titans schedule isn’t the hardest in the NFL but they will have plenty of tests and many adversity’s in what is a stacked AFC this season.

So before the season starts this weekend, lets look at each game give a score prediction:

Week 1 at New Orleans Saints: Titans win 28-17

Week 2 vs Los Angeles Chargers: Titans lose 35-21

Week 3 at Cleveland Browns: Titans win 24-17

Week 4 vs Cincinnati Bengals: Titans lose 41-24

Week 5 at Indianapolis Colts: Titans win 21-13

Week 6 vs Baltimore Ravens: Titans lose 24-21

Week 7: Bye

Week 8 vs Atlanta Falcons: Titans win 31-24

Week 9 at Pittsburgh Steelers: Titans lose 21-17

Week 10 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Titans win 28-21

Week 11 at Jacksonville Jaguars: Titans lose 24-14

Week 12 vs Carolina Panthers: Titans win 31-13

Week 13 vs Indianapolis Colts: Titans win 28-20

Week 14 at Miami Dolphins: Titans lose 27-20

Week 15 vs Houston Texans: Titans win 28-24

Week 16 vs Seattle Seahawks: Titans lose 28-14

Week 17 at Houston Texans: Titans win 17-16

Week 18 vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Titans lose 28-21

Titans final record prediction: 9-8 and will miss the playoffs after failing to win the division.

Steven Boero