Superspeedway Addressing Traffic & High Temperatures Ahead Of NASCAR Weekend

As NASCAR week in Nashville is finally here, the Nashville Superspeedway (NSS) is preparing for thousands of fans from across the state and country to visit this weekend.

Traffic was a major issue last year as the race had to be delayed a few minutes as too many fans were still making their way into the speedway and some still on the highway making their way into the parking lots. This year, the superpseedway is addressing this issue with some solutions that will hopefully help traffic flow.

The superspeedway also received criticism for not allowing spectators to bring in coolers as many NASCAR tracks do. With the temperatures expected to be in the high 90s all weekend, NSS is also adjusting rules to make sure fans have a safe experience.

Nashville Superspeedway’s security and operations teams, as well as local, county and state public safety and traffic officials, have collaborated to create routes for vehicles traveling to and from the track, including ride-share service users.

For fans driving to the track this weekend, traveling east and west on Interstate 40 (I-40) will approach NSS via exit 235 (SR 840 West). These vehicles will travel west on Interstate 840 (I-840) and will take exit 65–the NSS interchange. Spectators traveling east and west on Interstate 24 (I-24) will approach NSS via I-840. Once on I-840, vehicles will travel east on I-840 and use exit 65.

Exit 61 (Couchville Pike) will not be open for race traffic. Fans must use Exit 65.

Vehicles traveling in either direction on USR 231 will exit onto SR 452 and continue towards NSS.

“Hosting world-class events is always a learning experience, especially for a facility that was dormant for almost a decade,” says Nashville Superspeedway President & GM Erik Moses. “In preparing for our second annual NASCAR Cup Series weekend, we appreciate the efforts of all local, county and state public safety officials to assist us in our traffic plans.”

Ride-share customers are instructed to travel U.S. Route 231 in either direction, proceeding towards the track via State Route 452. Ride-share vehicles will enter NSS at Darrell Waltrip Drive, then proceed to Sterling Marlin Drive and drop fans at the intersection of Sterling Marlin Drive and NSS Boulevard. Ride-share vehicles will exit the property after turning on NSS Boulevard and proceeding back to Sterling Marling Drive, then to Darrell Waltrip Drive and turning left onto SR 452, towards USR 231.

To limit inbound traffic from Interstate 840, both the east and westbound ramps of I-840 leading to State Route 452 will be closed for one-hour post-race throughout the weekend. Additionally, all infield traffic will be held for a minimum of one hour to allow time for pedestrians to exit the grandstands and find their way back to the parking and camping lots.

All traffic departing from General Parking will leave NSS by one of two ways. There will be two coned lanes on McCrary Road leading to SR 452 and continuing towards I-840. There will also be two coned lanes on Dale Earnhardt Drive leading to SR 452 and continuing towards I-840.

Along with the above plans, there are additional new factors that should ease the flow of vehicles throughout the weekend:

  • No at-track parking charge.
  • 2,600 new parking spaces added along McCrary Road, the main access road to Nashville Superspeedway’s campus.
  • More visual message boards in critical locations, with refined/flexible messages.
  • Additional deputies and/or traffic officials at key intersections, including Route 231 and Fall Creek Road, Route 231 and Vesta Road, and McCrary and Vesta roads.
  • NSS has worked closely with the wayfinding app WAZE to ensure proper routing.

Once fans are in the track, the superpseedway team wants to make sure fans stay safe and as comfortable as possible as extreme heat is predicted.

“We want all of our fans to stay as safe as possible next week as they enjoy the best of #NASHCAR,” says Moses. “We encourage everyone to use reasonable precautions like wearing sunscreen and hats and to take advantage of the offerings available during their time with us. Stay hydrated, stay cool and get ready for a great weekend in Nashville!”

Fans are encouraged to review the following helpful tips and support available as they make their race plans:

  • WATER: Free filling stations and fountains–four on the upper concourse, two on the lower concourse.
  • WATER BOTTLES: Fans can bring unlimited numbers of sealed bottles of water with them into the grandstands, with no size limitation. Fans are encouraged to freeze the water bottles to help them stay cold longer and help keep food cold in bags.
  • COOLING TOWELS: First 5,000 fans in the grandstands on Saturday and first 15,000 fans on Sunday will receive free cooling towels. These will be available upon entering the admission gates and will be in ice baths until distributed to fans.
  • INSULATED BOTTLES OR CONTAINERS: Can be brought in the grandstands and used at free water filling stations (must be empty upon arrival).
  • MISTING FANS: Four in the FanZone, two on the main concourse.
  • SHADE TENTS: Behind the auxiliary grandstands.
  • OUTSIDE ITEMS: Outside food is welcome in the following conditions:
    • Clear bags welcome, one clear bag or backpack, no larger than 18-inches-x-18 inches-x-14 inches.
    • No loose ice
  • WATER FOR PURCHASE: Bottled waters are the same price as last year ($4) and there are 60 new points-of-sale around the campus.
  • RE-ENTER: NSS does allow fans to exit and re-enter the main gates in order to retrieve items from vehicles if needed.
Steven Boero