Nashville Predators, Fanaply Launch ‘Predators Origin’ NFT Series

The Nashville Predators have partnered with digital collectible creator Fanaply to launch their first series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This limited run of 25 NFTs, entitled “The Origin Series,” features the one-of-a-kind, No. 1 of 1 “Gold Saber Skull – Genesis Edition” which is up for live auction through July 30.

The NFT is packaged with two Lexus Lounge tickets to the Bridgestone Arena event of the buyer’s choosing. 25 individually numbered “Gold Saber Skull” NFTs are available for purchase now, each including a $35 donation in the buyer’s name to the 365 Pediatric Cancer Fund presented by Twice Daily.

“Our fans have been asking us to enter the digital collectibles realm for quite some time so we are excited to do so by going back to the beginnings of the franchise with ‘The Origins Series,'” says Predators Chief Marketing Officer Bill Wickett. “We would like to thank the National Hockey League for permitting us to explore the space and look forward to working with our fans to further enhance the Smashville experience through more NFT series.”

The Predators and Fanaply worked to produce these NFTs using Ethereum blockchain technology making them collectible and valuable. They can be bought, sold, or traded via the Fanaply website or on a secondary marketplace. Fanaply is one of the original creators of NFTs, and believes the future of NFTs is an accessible one where people can afford to buy them and purchase with credit and debit cards. Fanaply has the most environmentally friendly NFTs and has built a proprietary system that dramatically reduces the impact of energy consumption, unlike many other NFT platforms.

“Bringing limited edition, environmentally friendly digital assets to the fans of the Nashville Predators is central to Fanaply’s belief that NFTs are the natural progression of fandom,” says Fanaply Co-Founder and CEO Grant Dexter. “Fans are still mostly interacting online with the teams they love right now, and they’re telling us they want digital products for their digital worlds. NFTs not only let fans commemorate amazing moments, milestones and experiences of the teams, games and communities they love, but for the first time in history, fans can actually have true portable digital ownership… We’re thrilled to be partnering with such an innovative, creative and progressive fan-driven organization with the Nashville Predators.”

Steven Boero