The Predators And MTSU Announce First Ever General’s Fund Recipient

Pictured: Keyann Reaves. Photo: by Andy Heidt. Courtesy of MTSU.

The Nashville Predators have announced that MTSU student Keyann Reaves is the first ever recipient of the General’s Fund.

MTSU, the Predators, and the late country singer Charlie Daniels joined to create the General’s Fund to help support veterans and their children pay for the expenses of college.

Reaves, a Jackson, Tennessee, native, who’s father served in the U.S. Navy, was awarded after not being able to register for classes last fall.

“My months ran out in October, and I didn’t know,” says Reaves. “I just thought my deferment was late. December comes, and I can’t register for classes because my bill is $3,000. I called everyone I can think of on campus.”

Luckily, one of those calls went to Daniels Center Director, Dr. Hilary Miller, who said Reaves was precisely the type of student for whom the fund was established to assist. The fund, is administered by MTSU’s Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center. It also recognizes retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Huber, who now serves as MTSU’s senior adviser for veterans and leadership initiatives.

“MTSU proudly serves more than 1,100 military-connected students, yet about 20 percent of them no longer have the educational benefits that were earned through service to our country,” says Predators President and CEO Sean Henry. “The General’s Fund will help fill that gap.”

The Money raised through the fund has bridged the financial gap for Reaves, allowing her to continue working on her master’s degree in Chemical Medicine this spring.

Steven Boero